The team is ultimately trying to address the specific problem of the internet not being a functional learning tool for students who are blind. When the community partner approached the team, they outlined a more general problem by explaining how visually impaired students struggle with daily tasks which prohibit them from becoming fully capable students in a sight-based classroom setting. They noted that, “ Bridge2Africa saw people with this disposition left behind to bring more literacy and independence to the visually impaired. Bringing in technology to teaching the visually impaired will address the attitudes, belief and prejudice attached to this disposition which are not addressed by traditional literacy activities.” After some discussion with the community partner, the team plans on developing software and hardware to help students who are blind interact with computers and technology, specifically focusing on interacting with the internet. 

Team Members:

Rajat Arora, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

Nadia Jafar, Sophomore, Computer Systems Engineering

Michael Epstein, Sophomore, Software Engineering

Abbey Jansen, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering

Phillippe Adriane Inocencio, Sophomore, Computer Systems Engineering


Community Partner: Justice Gumbochuma – Coordinator for Bridge2Africa

Others Involved/Effected: Sibonile School for the Blind, South African Students that are blind