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EPICS High Pitch Funding Competition

The EPICS High Pitch Funding Competition is an opportunity for EPICS High teams to submit their projects to a review committee for potential funding. This year, teams will have the opportunity to submit applications during one of three funding cycles.
In order to receive funding, teams must:
1. Have a current MOU on file between their school/district and ASU EPICS High.
2. Complete all sections of the application: Project Charter, Timeline, Budget, and Pitch Video.
3. Meet ALL deadlines, including last day to submit materials lists for ordering. If teams do not submit final materials lists by the deadline, FUNDING IS CONSIDERED FORFEITED.

For complete list of rules and guidelines, please read the UPDATED 2018-2019 PF Handbook. Please be sure to review this handbook before applying. All teams should use the Project Charter Template in the handbook to complete the Project Charter portion of the application. Middle school teams will be scored using a grade level appropriate rubric.

Examples of successful submissions :
Strong Statements of Purpose
Strong Stakeholders Section
Strong Outcomes Section


EPICS High Mentor Program

Mentors provide valuable support to EPICS High teams as they work to identify problems, collaborate with stakeholders, build prototypes, and deliver final products or services. Mentors typically visit with EPICS High teams one to two times per month during the school day depending on mentor and classroom schedules. EPICS High schools, with current MOUs and student registrations, are encouraged to request a mentor at the link below.

Cisco Networking Academy®

Comprehensive Education Program for Multiple Education Levels
Give your students the ability to be a global problem solver with the technical and cognitive skills needed by employers. The world increasingly runs on digital networks. Organizations of all kinds depend on a workforce educated to design, build and operate these networks. The current digital revolution is projected to connect 50 billion things to the internet by 2020. Analysts expect the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector to generate an increasing number of high-skill, in-demand jobs across a broad spectrum of industries. By 2015, it is expected that 90% of U.S. jobs will require technology skills and almost all jobs will be ICT-enabled.1
But there aren’t enough people with the expertise to fill these positions. Your students are ready to take up the challenge. All they need is the opportunity, and you can provide that by adding Cisco Networking Academy courses to your education program.
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ASU Global Freshman Academy Courses

ASU’s Global Freshman Academy is for those who work hard at forging their way to a new life. GFA makes university available to those who aren’t on the standard collegiate path. We meet you exactly where you are by providing first-year university courses that let you earn transferable ASU credit from anywhere in the world. Check out ASU’s current menu of classes including Introduction to Programming, Precalculus, and more here.

Resources from our partners

Wondering how the students can actually build the projects they are designing? Do you only have some of the tools needed but wish there was place to access more and higher quality? Look no further, AZ Science Center Create and Chandler TechShop is here to help!

The AZ Science Center Create and Chandler TechShop have partnered with EPICS High to provide a space and tools for students to work at a very low cost. These costs can be included in the Pitch Funding budget or can be a part of the fundraising the students do to earn money for their projects.   Staff from either program will come and do a free training on resources available and the cost associated.

CREATE Space at the Arizona Science Center

Workshop Areas

  • Wood shop: 5-6 students per  training
  • 3-D printing: 8-10 students per  training
  • Laser cutter: 6-8 students per  training
  • Soldering : class optional,  max of 8 students per  training
  • Textile: heat press- basics on branding: 8-10 students per  training
  • Shopbot CNC Route: 6-8 students per training (Create only)

Learn More 

Email to set up an appointment or learn more

Chandler TechShop

Learn more . Video 1Video 2