This EPICS Team has partnered with the Shonto Chapter of the Navajo Indian Nation in Northern Arizona to provide them with a source of ecotourism and outdoor activities for the children of the community, as they have very little recreational and after-school options for the children in the community. We have partnered with the community to use mountain biking as an outdoor activity that will be used locally for the children in the form of a pump track and a loop designed for the high schoolers as well as a 12-mile ridge trail to attract tourists to foster a local, sustainable economic sector

Team Members:

Aly Carlson, Junior, Chemical Engineering

Emma Pedersen, Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautics) 

Jacob Willman, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering

Elizabeth Urbik, Junior, Material Science Engineering

Christian Messner, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering


Community Partner: Shonto Community Governance

Others Involved: International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA)