FSE 104: EPICS Gold I

About EPICS Gold I

EPICS Gold I focuses on human-centered design, the entrepreneurial mindset and prototyping deliverables. FSE 104 is a 1 credit course that is open to all undergraduate Freshman- Senior students.


EPICS FSE 104 is targeted at all students Freshman- Seniors, that are committed to design, build and implement solutions that add value to community organizations.


Students are asked to add courses based on projects, times, and locations available. Upon adding a course, additional required nightly team meetings are Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 6-8pm that are selected as a lab section.


NASA’s PSYCE Mission/Mobile Sensors

Assist NASA’s PSYCHE mission to create hands-on activities to demonstrate mission technology, or develop portable sensors to collect environmental data relating to health.

Gillespie: Monday 10:45 -11:45am, Tempe  (Class #24999)

Sustainability Mobile Sensors Project

Student teams will work to develop mobile sensors to collect environmental data in local communities for various health-related concerns.

Loughman: Monday, 3:05-4:50pm, Polytechnic (Class #25002)

Childpool Safety Project

Teams will work with a local healthcare provider to develop innovative solutions for childhood pool safety.

Gillespie: Monday, 4:10-5:00pm, Tempe (Class #24998)

Construction/Demolition Project

Teams will work with a local non-profit in construction/demolition material reuse.

Schoepf: Tuesday, 10:30–11:20 am, Tempe (Class #25000)

Arcosanti Urban Project

Teams will work with Arcosanti, an urban laboratory, to develop sustainability and community development solutions to reduce human footprint.

Loughman: Tuesday, noon–12:50 pm, Tempe (Class #24997)

Phoenix Zoo Project

Teams will work with the Phoenix Zoo to develop interactive components to add to existing exhibits which promote visitor and animal interactions.

Schoepf: Wednesday, 11:50 am–12:40 pm, Tempe (Class #25001)

Spring 2018 


Contact EPICS Directors, Joshua Loughman at Joshua.Loughman@asu.edu , Stephanie Gillespie at Stephanie.Gillespie@asu.edu , or Jared Schoepf at Jared.Schoepf@asu.edu