The NASA Psyche Mission is a project based on exploration and discovery. Our EPICS 494 – Tuesday Night Group has been tasked with the assignment to inform the community about what Arizona State University and NASA will be doing on this mission. Psyche is made up of 3 segments where the mission is called Psyche as well as the asteroid and the satellite going into space. Our community partner is Cassie Bowman, who is an associate research professor at ASU Tempe in the School of Earth and Space Exploration. The current state of our project is design. With feedback from our Community Partner, we are now able to narrow our ideas to one project. This project this be a display of commonly recognizable objects to compare the size of Earth to Psyche and other parts of our solar system (the moon, Saturn etc).  By researching Psyche, NASA hopes to learn more about what the core of our Earth is. 


Team Members:

Tyler Dolynick, Junior, Civil Engineering and Business Management

Amanda Minutello, Junior, Civil Engineering

Sergio Rodriguez, Junior, Computer Systems Engineering

Mark Tenney, Junior, Computer Systems Engineering

Yusef Sabri, Senior, Chemical Engineering


Community Partner: Cassie Bowman