This is another EPCIS Project that works closely with the Phoenix Zoo, but more specifically the elephants. While each elephant is out in the enclosure (open yard), they remain active for only about 1-2 hours, then they wait idly in one spot near the gate until their time is up and they have to return to the barn, a separate holding area. Each elephant also has their own scheduled time in the enclosure because they do not get along. For the 1-2 hours,  that the elephant remain active, some mental stimulation and exercise is provided from the boomer balls and nets that contain their food (hay, pellets, and biscuits), by having to “work” to obtain their food. The food is randomly placed by the Zookeepers and adjusted to differ the elephant setting each time. While this is effective, it is not enough to entertain each elephant for the duration of the time. The total physical exercise the elephants get is only about 2-3 miles a day, but to be healthy they should be walking at least 11 miles a day

Team Members: 

Elizabeth Dabdoub, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Claeren Mapili, Senir, Chemical Engineering

Taylor Benning, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

David Axton, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering

Aarya Mecwan, Sophomore, Biomedical Engineering


Community Partner:  Rich Sartor, Diretor of Living Collections at Phoenix Zoo