EPICS Online: Objective

In order to provide ASU Online students within the Fulton Schools of Engineering an opportunity to learn outside of traditional coursework in a multidisciplinary setting, the EPICS program is offering an online offering that will allow for 10 students to participate in two semesters of EPICS online. Online students will be able to work with their team, faculty and industry mentors virtually throughout the semester to build, design and deploy their engineering solutions for a local community partner.

How it will work?

Online EPICS will consist of 2 semesters of FSE494. In the first course (Fall 2018), two teams of up to five students would work with a community partner local to the Tempe, Arizona area to assess their needs, research the scope of the problem, and propose engineering solutions. Weekly instructional material through video lectures would cover the basics of human centered design and teams will work to complete assignments that require documentation for each phase of the design process. The second semester (Spring 2019) will focus on detailed design and delivery. It is expected that participants will work as a team to ultimate deliver a solution to the local community partner.


Student Expectations:

In order to ensure that all students receive the intended benefits of the program, we will expect the you to:

  • Write a 200 word essay on on why you would like to be included in the program, which will act as a portion of the application
  • Commit to enrolling in FSE 494 online for both Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters



Students will be selected based on their interest and willingness to commit to the full program. Students selected for the program must be enrolled as an ASU Online student for Fall 2018 through Spring 2019, and willing to enroll in FSE 494 (EPICS) for both semesters. Once accepted into the program (through the application),  EPICS administrators will be reaching out after confirmation of acceptance into the online EPICS program in order to prompt students to enroll in the course.

Apply to be a part of the 2018-2019 EPICS Online Program today!

Questions? Contact Brittany Martin, EPICS Coordinator, at Brittany.Martin@asu.edu