EPICS EduSourced

EPICS@ASU utilizes the EduSourced online project management site to meet the needs of the team members, community partners and team mentors.  Utilizing EduSourced allows for teams to store team files, create dialogue on these files, communication with community partners and mentors while also connecting with each other.  EduSourced allows for the program to be able to monitor progress of teams towards meeting benchmarking goals and ensuring the success of the teams!

To learn more about how to utilize the EduSourced Site, be sure to view these how to videos with using EPICS as the password:

How to login to EduSourced and change of password

How to utilize EduSourced

How to create project comments

How to upload documents

How to create and complete tasks

Questions about how to use EduSourced?  Contact EPICS@asu.edu.