Our application will benefit individuals and communities together by rewarding users for their good actions
Every day people make choices that are beneficial or detrimental to their well-being. Our application will make the user aware of these decisions and help them to realize the rewards of making good choices.

Imagine a world in which every day someone does something wonderful that helps better themselves or another person. This is the world Karma aims to create. Bettering society as a whole, while focusing on the betterment of the individual, is our goal. By working on a one-to-one basis, Karma can effectively change the way people perceive themselves and how they interact with others.

Karma rewards people for the smart and healthy choices they make everyday. Whether it is simply picking up a piece of trash or eating a healthy snack instead of candy, Karma will let the user feel a sense of appreciation for the big and little things they do every day. All of the small things add up, and Karma shows how much a user has progressed or improved over a period of time.

Karma can be taken anywhere. Since all Karma needs is an Internet connection to be used, Karma can be accessed anywhere around the world and will eventually be able to be used directly from a smartphone application.  

People are always doing good deeds and making important life decisions. Karma will the user organize their daily lives and build their Karma. With the ability to connect through Facebook, the users can interact with their friends and engage in friendly competition to win badges or claim to be the best in their group for a certain Karma category. After long-term use of the application, the user can then use the information gathered to determine in what ways they have the best Karma and what areas they should think about improving upon. This data will prove invaluable to the user because it is the gateway to becoming a better person and having a greater, more fulfilling life.