The 33 Buckets team set out on their journey this week to Bangladesh to deliver their prototype!  The team has worked over the past year on reforming their team, finding alternative solutions and funding to be able to travel abroad.

33 Buckets will revolutionize the distribution of potable water in Bangladesh, by providing schools with the upfront capital required to install comprehensive water filters while simultaneously establishing sustainable microbusinesses that encourage local entrepreneurs to sell affordable, clean water in their communities. To kick-start our project, we are focusing our efforts on the Rahima Hoque Girls’ School in Baher Char, Bangladesh. Our pilot project will provide clean water to the girls who attend the Rahima Hoque School, and will also provide bulk packages of water to be sold to shop owners at a very low price. Revenue from water sales will cover the maintenance of the water filter and provide funding for the school, while creating an economic incentive for the distribution of clean water throughout the community.

Best of luck to the team in their travel and implementation!