Engineering Smiles is an EPICS project focused on creating a mobile dental facility for IMAHelps to use in Nicaragua. IMAHelps organizes medical humanitarian missions and provides medical, health and hygiene education, life-changing surgeries and a broad range of medical, dental, and prosthetic services to underserved populations throughout the world.

What began as an idea for an EPICS team has turned into an almost fully developed project. The team has launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to get their mobile dental unit up and running to give to IMAHelps by August 2016. However, the goal for $15,000 cannot be reached without help! The team is asking for donations; every amount helps and goes towards the betterment of the population of Central and South America. Funding is necessary for the mobile unit itself and the furnishings and dental equipment inside.

Dental care is a big issue in Nicaragua. Having a better smile does not only benefit one’s health, but can also lead to employment, as employers are less likely to hire someone with a nontraditional smile. In a country where 48% of its population have never been to the dentist and over 80% of children have serious and permanent dental damage, this mobile dental facility is essential.

Donate today and bring Engineering Smiles one step closer to their goal!