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Engineering  |  Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)

The population in Ulaanbaatar is increasing rapidly, particularly in the infrastructure disconnected Ger (Yurt) district, as desertification drives people who have lived a nomadic-pastroal lifestyle for generations into the city. These ger districts rely on coal stoves for heat during the harsh winters, but many people within them are suffering health problems as a result of burning coal in their homes, and the homes around them. Our goal is to lower the amount of disease as a result of their coal stoves. We do not yet have a proposed solution, but we are looking into possible solutions such as alternate fuel sources, more efficient stoves, and active or passive air filters.

Team Members:

  • Sarah Johnston, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering 
  • Whitney Hirano, Junior, Industrial Engineering 
  • Marcos Jalen Mendez, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering
  • Ethan Plumb, Freshman, Electrical Engineering
  • Shamsher Warudkar, Junior, Aerospace Engineering