The Burn Victim Care Project is addressing the problem in treatment of burns in Mali, Africa. Around 70 to 150 people suffer serious burns each year. The current method of treating burns is not only painful, but also not sterile. Patients in the hospital will move to a room where they get their wounds cleaned. However, the water used for this process might not always be sterile. While the process cannot be completely painless, it could be done safer and more efficiently.

Our community partner, Dr. Souare, proposed the idea of a portable shower to clean and debride the wounds. By bringing the treatment to the patient, they are less likely to contract infections from fellow patients staying in the hospital. The portable shower will also have the option for a change in water pressure to make the debriding process quicker.

Team Members: 

  • Tate Russell, Freshman, Biomedical Engineering
  • Theresa (Tessa) Salcedo-Garcia, Freshman, Biomedical Engineering