One of the biggest problems any zoo faces is finding a way to balance what is the best way to keep the animals comfortable and enriched while still providing a quality experience for the visitors. For the Phoenix Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona this problem is much more difficult because of the high temperatures of Arizona summers. Because the summers in Phoenix can exceed 120℉, most of the animals do not spend a lot of time outside and when they do it is usually spent sleeping in a shady corner. When the animals are not outside, they are in special indoor locations that are off limits for the visitors. This does not make for great experience for the visitors who want to see the animals and get their money’s worth. Our project team is devoted to finding a better way to keep the larger mammals comfortable in the summer while enhancing the experience for the visitors. Our project goal is to invent a device that creates a cool, comfortable spot for the larger mammals outside in the summer.

Team Members

  • Kempton Osborn, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

Community Partner: Rich Sartor, Director of Living Collections at the Phoenix Zoo