Join a multidisciplinary competition team to become a leader in the next generation of distributing solar energy. The competition engages students across the engineering, urban planning, finance, and business disciplines to reimagine how energy is generated, managed, and used in a district. This two-semester project will give students the opportunity to compete and showcase their work on the national stage. The main goal is to design and model an optimized solar and storage system to maximize energy offset and financial savings over a span of 20 years for New Mexico State University.

Team Members:

  •  Keiko Ochoa, Junior, Industrial Engineering
  • Nikki Lopez, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kevin McShane, Sophomore, Engineering Management
  • Sudin Regmi, Sophomore, Biomedical Engineering 
  • Sergio Rodriguez, Senior, Computer Science 
  • Karen Diaz, Freshman, Aerospace Engineering
  • Bryan Alfaro, Sophomore, Computer Science
  • Raymond McDaniels, Sophomore, Computer Science
  • Nikolai Kolodin, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering