Through this project, the primary objective is to formulate a model based on route mapping and optimization algorithms for the ASU campus to find a desirable solution according to the Zero Waste community partner organization. In collaboration with this partner, the appropriate variable(s) will be identified which we will want to optimize with regard to the problem. Some of the potential factors that the stakeholder may want to consider with varying levels of priority are:

  • Shortest route by Distance
  • Fastest route by Time
  • Cost of route by fuel consumption
  • Safest by time of day and traffic
  • Accessibility for certain vehicle types

The plan of action is to determine which variables to consider optimizing according to community partner goals and develop a model by which this can be achieved. A model is expected to be created based on researching existing algorithms for solid waste transport analyses. Once a model has been produced, information about ASU waste bin receptacle locations can be supplied in order to find the most efficient route for ASU Grounds teams. This may require collection of data from around campus depending on current availability of information for the model inputs.

Team Members:

  • Dustin Foote, Senior, Mechanical Engineering