Burn Victim Care Unit

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Project Description

The Burn Victim Care Unit is a project focused around creating a portable shower for the burn victims of Malawi, Africa. The current state of burn treatment in Malawi is lacking in materials and resources. About 31% of burn cases presented at the hospital produced an infection. In some cases, the result of poor burn care can lead to amputation.

Our goal with the portable shower is to provide a more sterile wound debridement process, that decreases the risk of infection and allows the wounds to heal correctly. We are planning on retrofitting a preexisting portable shower with more sturdy, medical grade, materials. We are also working to find materials that are readily available in Malawi in case there are any problems that happen after deployment. Inside the shower, we are hoping to include a substance, like Vashe, to help with the cleansing of the wound. Then, by lightly pressurizing the flow of water, it could help assist in the wound debridement.