Clarkdale Smart Town Park

Meeting Time

Tuesday 6pm

Project Description

We are currently working on a Wifi System that covers the entirety of the park. The challenge that we are facing is that most of the Wifi System are not efficient enough and the Community partner wants the Wifi Box to not be visible as it is quite big. We are working on finding the exact range of the Wifi-system and get some hard numbers to check whether we can keep the Wifi Access Points hidden i.e under the ground or inside a tree cover.

Our proposed solution for this semester is to test the actual system so that we can get hard numbers. We will also think about painting the Wifi Box or covering it with something so that it does not seem that obvious. Our final goal for this semester is to complete the Wifi System and start work on the Kiosk which our community partners want us to work on next. So far we have completed selecting the Wifi system that we would like to use and will be working towards implementing it this semester.