Clarkdale Smart Town Park

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Project Description

The Clarkdale Smart Towns Park is focused on developing technologies for local parks at Clarkdale, Arizona. Although our team started the project working on two different parks, we will be primarily working on the Selna-Mongini Park during Fall of 2021. We will be continuing the previous semester goal of creating a wi-fi system at the park. The goal of this project is to enhance the communal aspects of Selna-Mongini Park. The Town of Clarkdale hopes that these new innovations will encourage community members to engage with other members of the town. Clarkdale also hopes to fulfill the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by developing these smart parks. By adding a wi-fi system into the Selna-Mongini Park, our team will fulfil the goal of “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure”. The Town of Clarkdale also hopes to use the new smart park as a means of economic growth. They hope the smart park will encourage tourists and those who pass by to see Clarkdale as a desirable vacation destination.