Creighton Community Foundation Water Filtration


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Project Description

Phoenix is home to 43 food deserts, which are defined as areas with poor access to fresh produce required for proper nutrition. In order to combat this deficit, this EPICS team has partnered with the Creighton Community Foundation in building a communal garden. This will be accomplished by building a water filtration system for a community garden located in central Phoenix that is owned by Creighton Community Foundation (CCF). CCF is a non-profit based in Phoenix and this is their first project with EPICS. The filtration system is a “Dewvaporation” system built out of plastic sheets, sponges, gauze, and a steam generator. The original plan that CCF wanted was to have the Engineering Club students at Madison Highland Prep High School build the system, and the EPICS team would provide engineering help. The current plan now is to 3D print the filtration unit and guide the students through building it virtually. The rendering of the 3D printed system and a prototype is expected to be completed by the end of the Fall 2021 semester.