Electric Car Project

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Project Description

Currently, gasoline powered cars are plentiful. Thousands are being trashed and built each day. Many components of gasoline powered vehicles are hazardous and dangerous waste. Electric cars are the new wave of the future being powered by green energy from home solar, wind, and more. They are much more sustainable than gasoline powered cars allowing for a cleaner environment for generations to come. We plan to make a blackbox that will essentially allow the car to be transformed from a gasoline powered car to an electric one. So far, the team has researched the necessary power conversions, i.e. AC to DC power, in order for the car to operate. 

The team has also communicated with the community partner, Ben Lewis, and decided to add a battery level display, as opposed to the normal fuel gauge that is present in most gasoline vehicles. The team then plans on researching the necessary components, such as the motor, wiring, and power conversion technology, in order for the vehicle to operate. Additionally, the team will begin working on the coding in order for the vehicle to operate, with the team’s current focus on using Arduino.