Vietnam Smart Agriculture

Meeting Time

Wednesday 4:35PM

Project Description​

Farming is an incredibly important industry in Vietnam, accounting for 21.8% of the nation’s GPD. 80% of total water production in Vietnam is used for agricultural purposes. This massive water consumption is intensified by inefficient use of water resources by farmers in Vietnam, who suffer losses due to overwatering plants. The Smart Agriculture team’s goal is to increase the efficiency and sustainability of water usage for small farming in Vietnam and abroad using smart agriculture technology.

We are applying the internet of things to create a portable smart farming system that allows farmers to collect health data from plants and schedule irrigation in a more efficient manner. Our previous design was a stationary sensor tower that collected ambient conditions and determined the evapotranspiration rate of local plants, but it was deemed too expensive and not feasible for application for small farmers. Our current design is a sensor kit that will take readings of the canopy temperature of plants and ambient weather conditions and determine the relative health of the plants. This is a very interdisciplinary project involving research into methods to quantify plant health in addition to development of a physical product.