Vietnam Smart Agriculture

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Project Description

The Vietnam Smart Agriculture team is working to develop sustainable farming practices
through the use of smart agriculture solutions in Vietnam and beyond. Farming is one of
Vietnam’s largest industries, employing nearly half the country’s population, and almost ninety
percent of those farms are small-scale family businesses. Unfortunately, many Vietnamese small
farmers suffer financial losses due to inefficient allocation of water resources. Overwatering is
common in Vietnamese farms which results in smaller crop yields at higher costs. Our team’s
goal is to increase the efficiency of agricultural practices and promote a sustainable farming
culture by developing a smart farming system that recommends how much to water plants.

Our proposed solution has changed significantly since the project began. Initially, we
intended to create an array of sensors that would collect and analyze data such as temperature,
atmospheric pressure, and soil moisture, but we found that solution to be costly and impractical.
As of Fall 2020, our new design is a handheld infrared thermometer that will take readings of the
atmospheric temperature and the surface temperature of the farmer’s crops and use it to
determine the level of stress of the crops. This data will then be sent to a smart phone app, which
will display areas of the farm where more or less water is required to the farmer. To implement
this solution, we are currently researching the algorithm required to analyze the crop stress data
and how best to collect the data required.