Housing Development Design Competition

Meeting time

Wednesday 4:35pm

Project description

“According to the Pew Research Center, 20% of the United States population lived in multigenerational households in 2016.[1]  Homes are not usually not built with these multigenerational families in mind. Dawn Augusta, our community partner, recognized the need for multigenerational housing in Phoenix and enlisted the help of Arizona State engineering students to design an affordable living community for multigenerational families. The Risome Development aims to foster a sense of community whilst providing these families with affordable living.”

The current solution involves the one acre parcel being designed to hold 13 homes, an access road, and an outdoor movie screen. This was decided on by feedback for community partners as well as researching existing communities and City of Phoenix building codes. The homes have all floor deisgn and are working on modeling them all in Solidworks 3D. A CAD 3D model exists for the layout of the community. Part of the community has been rendered in Fusion 360. A greenhouse on seperate land has been designed with all of the internal work done, and the community center is planned on this seperate part of land but has yet to be designed.