Mayo Radiology (Reclining Team)


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Project Description

The Mayo Radiology Reclining back team is striving to reduce the risk of falls during chest x-
rays. Every quarter 2-3 patients fall and injure themselves when receiving a chest x-ray. The
current solution is to have the patients either sit in a wheelchair or lay down completely. The
wheelchair backing can be seen in the produced x-ray, decreasing the accuracy for reading the
x-ray, while lying down puts the patient in a position that is not ideal as well. The solution that
we have developed enables the backing of the wheelchair to rotate down and form a kind of
stretcher. This allows for the wheelchair to be out of the visuals for the x-ray in an easy,
effortless way, which in turn helps the Mayo radiology department remain efficient and safe. We
currently have a prototype and are beginning to run tests in order to find ways to perfect our