Memory Glass – Hardware & Software


Meeting Time

Hardware: Monday 6pm

Software: Tuesday 6pm 

Project Description

Memory is an essential part in our lives, allowing us to recognize, remember, associate, and connect ourselves to the world around us. Alzheimer’s is a disease which can lead to severe memory loss and other dissociating symptoms that affect millions of Americans annually. Though there are medications that can mitigate the effects, there is no true cure and these medicinal remedies can be costly. Memory Glass is an alternative solution which allows the user to recognize faces they may have forgotten and become more comfortable in their environment. The impact of this product is not solely limited to the Alzheimer’s patient, but can also strengthen their relationship with friends and family now that these reminders are automated. The product design is comfortable, affordable and easy-to-use. Its ability to display names and relationships to the patient through an eyeglass attachment is extremely effective and helps makeintegrating the technology into their lives a seamless transition.