Mental Health Mobile Games Project

Meeting Time

Wednesday 7PM

Project Description

The Hopi Tribe, in comparison to the rest of the United States, face a large health disparity especially concerning mental health. This disparity stems from the differences between Native American tribes and the United States, both culturally and physically. Due to the rural nature of the Hopi Tribe they do not have immediate or convenient access to mental health professionals and thus it is difficult for them to recognize and treat these issues. Not only does the tribe lack ready access to mental health professionals but also, any help they can get often lacks the cultural awareness necessary to truly understand where their issuesstem from and what is most effective in easing the strain on their mental health. These issues are most prevalant among the youth, middle to high school, where suicide rates are the highest.

The goal of Mental Health Mobile Games Project is to create a mobile game that helps spread mental awareness amoung the Hopi Tribe people. The main purpose of the app is to help recognize one’s own mental state and then guide/encourage them to take steps to take care of their mental health. Past wireframes have a focus on butterflies because they have a signficance in Hopi culture and thus something the users can more easily connect to. We hope to poish the ideas and wireframes created by groups before us and implement some of these ideas by the end of the semester.