Mobile Placemaking Bus Repurposing Project


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Project Description

The Mobile Placemaking Bus Project is investigating ways to provide heat relief through the
repurposing of a bus to the local homeless population in order to decrease deaths resulting from
the extreme Arizona heat.

The potential solution to this problem is taking a school or city bus, and converting it into a
cooling center that can be used to help the homeless around Maricopa County. The cooling
center would possibly include things such as: an AC unit, clean water, sitting area to get out of
the heat, small library, clean energy with solar panels, and more. The team has started the project
with creating a list of these component ideas for the bus, and will soon be putting these
components into three separate designs. A large challenge that will be faced is based on where
the bus will be located and how to get consistent power and possibly water to the bus.