EWB – Navajo Mountain Bike Initiative

Meeting Time

Wednesday 7pm

Project Description

The Navajo Mountain Bike Initiative team aims to assist the people of the Navajo community, both economically and socially. The remote location of their community causes an extreme lack of economic opportunities for their people as well as limiting the options they have for physical activities. Our team works to eliminate these problems by designing and building bike trails and tracks for the native people to ride as well as others outside their region. The biketracks promote healthy exercise as well as bridging their people to the competitive bmx riding world. Our team has previously built one of these tracks and it has had great success, especially amongst the children that attend a local elementary school. We have another track site that has had it’s foundation laid and is ready for building when Covid-19 allows. We are also in the process of establishing a mountainbike trail which will hopefully draw in riders from across the country. Thus greatly boosting the economic development and opportunity in the region for the Navajo Nation as well as promoting physical activity for all ages.