Nepal Pyrolyzer Heat Recirculation


Meeting Time

Wednesday 7PM

Project Description

We are working with communities in Nepal which harvest the invasive species Lantana Camara and convert it to biochar using kilns. Our goal is to develop kiln modifications to increase the maximum temperature of the kiln, thereby improving the quality of biochar. With better biochar the citizens of Nepal will have access to a material which can help purify water and function as a fuel source. To accomplish this goal we will develop kiln modifications to recirculate heat within the kiln so the internal temperature of the kiln increases to greater temperatures.  This will create higher quality biochar that will be able to be used for both fuel and water purification.  Our design modifications must be adaptable to the kilns in Nepal and increase the kiln temperature to at least 350 C.  After developing and testing the first prototype a second design is being developed before moving into the prototyping stage again.