Paradise Valley High School Greenhouse Project


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Project Description

Our group, the Paradise Valley Hydroponics team, is working with the Paradise Valley High School Environmental Alliance club, located in Phoenix, Arizona, to spread awareness on environmental issues from a local scale to a global scale. The overarching issue that our team is addressing is the topic of food security. Given that Arizona has a dominantly arid climate, the Environmental Alliance club wants us to implement a hydroponics system in their greenhouse that is suitable for this climate, and one that can maximize the growth of food products with a minimal environmental impact. Additionally, the Environmental Alliance club is working with their sister school in Tanzania to implement a similar hydroponics system at their location, as food security is a pressing issue. In the rural parts of Tanzania, 84% of their people struggle with food insecurity, which is directly tied to their lack of freshwater resources, as agriculture requires fresh water. Our community partner has given us design requirements that will best benefit their school, as well as their sister school. They ask for a solution that satisfies the following description: a cost efficient, easily maintained hydroponics system that grows the most food with the least amount of energy and water required.