Phoenix Zoo: Ele-fit


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Project description

The Ele-fit team is working to provide a solution to a community partner’s challenge, that of increasing elephant enrichment in zoos. Our current community partner is the Phoenix Zoo and they are interested in a device that provides mental stimulation and physical exercise within Elephant enclosures.The proposed solution is a motion sensor simon game. This design will use a steel frame with a motion sensor inside. A light and sound will be used as a trigger to signal to the elephant which frame is active. To win the game the elephant will need to trigger the active motion sensor by putting their trunks through the frame. The keepers will have the capability to set the time interval between active frames and the number of wins the elephant must successfully complete. After a set amount of wins, the game will end and a treat will be dispensed. Currently an acrylic full scale prototype of the frame has been built.

The goal for the first third of the semester is to have the electronics portion of the model attached to the frame. Testing will hopefully occur during the latter part of Fall 2020 (depending on safety guidelines) in order to make corrections as needed before assembly of the full metal frame begins at the end of the semester. Testing will be done without elephants initially to determine efficient placement of the sensors for accurate results.