Reptile Misters


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Project Description

We have been approached by the Phoenix Zoo to develop a solution for implementation
at this local nonprofit to improve the lives of the native reptiles living at the Zoo. Since
Fall 2018, we have been working with the Zoo to progress this project, moving from
project identification to specification to our current phase, prototyping. Our goal is to
have a minimum viable product delivered to the Zoo early Spring 2021, with further
enhancements moving forward.
The Phoenix Zoo is home to many reptiles native to Arizona. These reptiles can feel the
pressure changes that our desert monsoons bring in, expecting the accompanying rain,
but because these animals are housed in tanks indoors, they are unable to experience
the rain patterns of their natural environment. These reptiles rely on the monsoon rains
to encourage and make more regular their natural reproduction cycles.
The goal of this project is to develop a modular, environmental feedback system that
provides “rain” in the form of mist to the reptiles when it is raining outside.