Prescott Pines – Building Design


Meeting Time


Project Description

The Prescott Pines Building Design Project is working to improve the Prescott Pines
Summer Camp. Our challenge is to design a new coffee shop to be built inside the camp. The
camp currently does not have a coffee shop, so visitors must leave and come back in order to
enjoy some coffee. There are two potential sites for this coffee shop: a small building that is
currently fairly unfurnished and is used as a meeting place for certain activities, or another
building that currently houses the camp’s gift shop. The team is to select one of these sites and
prepare a comprehensive design for turning it into a coffee shop. The gift shop is rather
successful at the moment, and the designs that we come up with must account for this fact.

As such, the solution that our team is currently working on for this problem is remodeling the
building currently used as a meeting place into a coffee shop without altering the gift shop in any
way. This project does involve several challenges that we must overcome, including ensuring
that this building has the proper infrastructure (electricity, water, etc) and is properly furnished to
effectively serve as a coffee shop. If successful, this will allow camp visitors to enjoy
refreshments without needing to leave the grounds of the camp.