Robot Arm / Desk for Success


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Project Description

The Desk for Success/Robot Arm Project is aimed to help a Highschool student named Angelita
Tavizon who is quadriplegic, which means she cannot move her arms or legs. Because of this,
she uses a KINOVA JACO Assistive Robot arm/chair, but because her environment isn’t suited
for her needs she relies on the help of her assistant. Attached to this robot is a desk that she
uses for school. Our project aims to make her more independent by creating attachments that
she could use without the help of her assistant. Some of our ideas include creating a proximity
sensor on her arm that would enable her to access things she uses, like her phone and art
supplies, by simply being in close proximity to it. Another idea on the drawing board is a
magnetic attachment to a prosthesis that can serve either as an assistor to picking up objects or as an attachment point for other developed devices.