Solar Fuel: Carbon Capture

Meeting Time

Wednesday 6PM

Project Description

There is a need for a renewable carbon neutral fuel source on the planet with the impact of climate change. Other fuel such as biofuel and electric vehicles either release the same CO2 or damage the environment in their manufacturing process. The fuel made from atmospheric CO2 uses only preexisting pollutants. This makes it a socially and economically favorable fuel that would not only help the environment, but be able to have a premium price on it.

Our team is working on a theoretical system design to convert atmospheric CO2 into a usable fuel. We will design a working prototype that will convert CO2 from the atmosphere into a usable, environmentally friendly fuel alternative. Our goal is to create an efficient process for capturing CO2 and being able to convert it into our fuel of choice, as of now Dimethyl Ether. We have created a reaction pathway and are currently re-creating and testing the results in a software simulation before moving on to recreate the system in a lab setting.