Space for Sustainable Development Goals



Meeting Time

Thursday 6pm- Poly

Project Description

The Space4SDGs project team aims to fulfill some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations using space assets and technologies. The project team this year is focused on finding solutions for the growing problem of junk and debris in low Earth orbit which threatens the further expansion of humanity into space and satellites which many individuals and governments rely on. A solution to this problem could lead to economic growth and an improvments in the space industry in reguards to both innovation and infrastructure, both of which align with two of seventeen SDGs.               

Our current proposal for the removal of space trash revolves around the usage of electromagnets attached to a satellite in orbit. The magnets would attract any trash that comes near to the satellite, pull the trash into it, and repeat this process in order to  remove as much trash as necessary. Currently we plan to do further research on existing technologies  and similar attempts made by other people in this field in order to better understand any upcoming difficulties we should be prepared to face. There is no work to date as we are starting on a new project from square one.