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Engineering  |  Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)



Meeting Time

Mondays, 3:05 PM

Project Description

Space debris poses a growing problem against missions into space, acting as a deadly hazard to any venture—future and ongoing. Plans intended for prevention and removal are scantily implemented and have had little effect. Our community partner is the EPICS department at ASU, and they have been our main source of guidance through the course of our project. Following the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we seek to aid in addressing this issue in order to support infrastructure in space. We have decided to prototype a device capable of removing space debris directly, both to assess the viability of such an approach and to spread awareness of this issue.

Student Participants

Jayasinghe, Budhvin, Freshman, Aerospace Engineering

Buessing, Robert, Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering

Eleff, Dasan, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

Zeadow, Austin, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering