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Project Description

The Stardust Project is a dedicated team of individuals who are looking to provide solar
powered technology assistance for local non-profit organization, Stardust Building supplies. This
organization accepts donations from businesses that no longer have use for materials and
hardware in their workspace. As time goes on, they are seeing an increasing number of solar
panels being donated, and are looking for better ways to store, assess, value, or recycle these
used solar panels.

The Stardust Project team aims to create diagnostic tools and hardware that will
complete such a task. The project hardware team is tasked with designing a sturdy panel
storage solution and durable mobile cart system complete with brackets, and swivel mounts in
order to make solar panel handling and testing as easy as possible. The project software team
is developing an application that will query the user about product information specific to the
panel being tested, as well as a measure of irradiance data obtained via online databases, and
current power output measured via an integrated watt meter. With this they intend to measure
current panel efficiency, and with that assess degradation, estimated lifespan, and total value.
Once complete, both teams will come together and integrate their work into the perfect
diagnostic tool for Stardust Building supplies.