Meeting Time

Monday 6PM

Project Description

Wheels2Africa is a project that branches from the Bridge-To-Africa organization. This non-profit group focuses on securing safe and accessible education for the children of communities in South Africa. Because of this promise, Wheels2Africa is dedicated to provide children with walking handicaps more mobility in their everyday lives. The team here at ASU is taking the wheelchair back to its design table to ensure that it will not only further the lives of these children, but also emphasize their personal requests and visions for the device. Through IoT innovation and compassion, Wheels2Africa is working towards providing the best to enhance the lifestyles of the children.

Our team plans to construct a chassis that increases economical and physical accessability for the students. Mr. Gumbochuma highlighted the need for comfort in the design that allows for ease of learning. Previous teams have produced wheel designs that allow for mobility on rough terrain and we will be implementing these into our design. Preliminary designs included reclining wheelchairs providing comfort for students and three wheeled all terrain wheelchairs. We plan on expanding on these previous designs.