EPICS Engineering projects in community service

33 Buckets Rainwater Harvesting

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Project description

Our project is called 33 Buckets Rainwater Harvesting System. Our goal is to assist Cusibamba, Peru with water collection. Water collection is important because Cusibamba experiences a long drought each year, and they need a way to collect a store rainwater during the rainy season. Currently, Cusibamba does not have a way to harvest a lot of rainwater. Cusibambans use water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and agriculture. 

We are designing a system that captures rainwater from rooftops and stores it for future use. We think the roofs of greenhouses would be a location for our system so that the water can be used for agriculture. Gutters will collect the rainwater and divert it into a storage tank or directly to the crops. This is the second semester of this project. In the first semester, we found Cusibamba rainfall data, created a conceptual design, and tried to figure out a method for mounting the gutters below the roof’s edge.