EPICS Engineering projects in community service

33 Buckets Rainwater Harvesting

Meeting time

Monday 3:05pm

Project description

The challenge of our project is we need to create a way for the ~250 families of Cusibamba, Peru to have access to water during their dry season which lasts several months. Cusibamba is a rural community and needs the water for their foods and living situation so that they don’t have to rely on outside sources as much. Much of the economy in the town is based on agriculture, which they often do not have enough water to cultivate.

Our proposed solution is to attach a gutter system on the sides of the greenhouses during the year and store rainwater that falls in those gutters will be stored for usage during the dry season. The water can be collected with a tap on the side of the tank. This project has been worked on for 2 previous semesters. During the first semester the data for the rainwater in Cusibamba was found and during the second semester a potential CAD design for the system was built.