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Bridge2Africa E-learning Lab

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Project description

The E-Learning Lab is an educational website platform dedicated to teaching and empowering students with STEM education and technologies. In this project, our team is developing a platform to facilitate a collaborative learning environment for students of all backgrounds. The project requires web developers to work with Bridge2Africa in order to create this engaging educative system for everyone to engage with and learn from.

The solution is to develop a site with students, administrators, and teachers who interact with the course content and one another to facilitate learning. To date, we have a working website and active users with features such as courses, profiles, discussion boards, learning resources, an admin panel, and collaborations with companies such as Wakelet and Merge. Moving forward, the development with regards to an ecommerce site, a redesign of the ui and ux of the site, and adding a newsletter aspect are needed for the platform.  


South Africa