EPICS Engineering projects in community service

Bridge2Africa E-learning Lab

Meeting time

Monday 6PM

Project description

The EPICS Bridge2Africa E-Learning Lab team is an extension of the Bridge2Africa organization, whose goal is to expand STEM learning to African students through an online e-learning website. Our community partner is Justice Gumbochuma, the head of the Bridge2Africa’s Cyber Projects. Our group is tasked with improving the existing Bridge2Africa E-Learning Lab website by updating its overall UX/UI and adding various features such as gamification, a built-in website store, a FAQ helper bot, and a subscription system for students. Our current goal is to transition from students using Wakelet as a temporary platform for their learning to the actual Bridge2Africa E-Learning Lab website.

Our proposed solution to our problem is to have psuedocode/prototypes for all new features requested by Gumbochuma created by the end of this semester. Our first and most important task is to update the entirety of the website’s UX/UI in order to make it more appealing and easier to navigate for students. Additionally, we plan to have a fully functional FAQ and payment system integrated into the website and will start work on designing prototypes and implementing the rest of the features (such as gamification, student profiles, etc.).


South Africa