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Vietnam Sustainable Shrimp Farming

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Aquaculture is a relatively new industry in Vietnam that is experiencing growing pains similar to those of other young industries in many developing nations. Agriculture is the predominant misuser of water and land resources in Vietnam but aquaculture is not far behind. As an industry, aquaculture is higher risk for a higher reward in Vietnam but can employ more people on less land and net a higher profit, so it is a preferable industry for many individuals and families who do not have access to other work options. The main pain points of the aquaculture industry revolve around oxygen content in water. Water aeration directly impacts the way water is used in the industry, the health of the livestock, the living conditions of the livestock, and the health of the surrounding land and water resources. Waste effluent from these pounds can expand the major issues of the industry into common waterways for other industries like agriculture, commercial use, and personal use. This can endanger people and their jobs as well as other crop produced in these areas.

Our project is aiming to bring an Internet of Things (IoT) based solution to bring together sensors, current water aerators, and automated system controls to give aquaculture farmers better management tools and insight into how their farm reacts to different changes in the environment. By giving them this information, we hope that they can better understand their environmental impact and better maintain their farms without relying on huge amounts of antibiotics and/or misusing water and land resources while maintaining a decent profit and sustainable livelihood.