3D Printed Tactile ASU Maps



Project description

College campuses can often be confusing to navigate, especially those with a campus as large as ASU’s. This proves to be especially challenging to those who are visually impaired and can’t fully rely on their eye sight to find their way around campus. Many students rely on maps to find their way around, but most maps cannot be used by those who have trouble seeing, which leaves their struggles unaddressed.   

Our solution to tackling this issue at ASU is to print a 3D tactile map to allow students, faculty, and visitors to become more familiar with the campus layout and navigate their way around. The map will be located in the main Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services (SAILS) office for anyone to use, and will feature braille labels on all the building and unique textures for distinguishing different paths. To account for the size of campus and the possibility of future construction, the map will feature modular pieces to allow for easier 3D printing and ease of replacement in the event that any part of campus needs to be updated on the map.