3D Printed Tactile ASU Maps



Meeting Time

Wednesday 7PM

Project description

This project is in coordination with ASU Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services Office (SAILS) and ASU ADA Accessibility to develop a tool to support visually impaired students, faculty, and guests to assist navigating ASU’s large, complex, and dynamic campuses. The goal is to support the university’s accessibility mission and support those with visual impairments seeking higher education.

The proposed solution is a large, static tactile map that will be used to convey cartographic information about ASU’s Tempe Campus. This map will include tactile lettering and braille, indicate where major walkways, roads, crosswalks, and major transit points are located, identify landmarks, and catalogue mobility barriers. Our goal is to complete a comprehensive prototype by the end of this semester, and then use the prototype to perform validation testing and feedback to construct a plan for the improved prototype implementation.