Audible ASU Maps for Wayfinding 



Project description

The Audible ASU Maps for Wayfinding Project initiated in Fall 2021 is focused on solving the problem of navigation on campus for visually impaired students. Currently, there are no existing solutions at ASU that allow visually impaired students to navigate around campus safely while preserving their individual lifestyles and daily flexibility that we often take for granted. The closest possible solution that is functional at the moment are the DART vehicles responsible for transporting individuals to and from their classes temporarily (incase of injuries/other issues). Technology such as Google Maps are more focused on driving directions, rather than providing accurate information for walking. Also, it has a much larger scope that will not allow for specific, important details for a visually impaired user.

Our team aims to create an audible map for the ASU Tempe campus based on the original interactive map, currently available to all students. Features such as detailed descriptions and exploration of the map allows visually impaired students to be better prepared/ familiarized with the campus and more independent. We have made progress in researching existing solutions, communicating with related organizations, and familiarizing ourselves with the possible problems faced by our target audience. We intend to conduct further outreach to our target audience and finalize the details of our solution as well as initialize the prototyping phase of research and testing.