AZ Game & Fish – Aeration


Project description

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has hatcheries in northern Arizona where the low change in elevation across the facility makes it difficult for dissolved oxygen levels in the water to remain high enough for the fish to grow most effectively. The Silver Creek Hatchery currently uses liquid oxygen to supply dissolved oxygen to the fish. However, acquiring and storing this substance is expensive. Although it is unlikely that the use of liquid oxygen can be eliminated entirely with a significantly powered air pump (or series of pumps), the community partner has emphasized that being able to offset some (or ideally most) of the liquid oxygen would help save money in the long run. Our first goal is to create one prototype pump and air delivery system to see its impact on a single rearing unit. From there, the design will be scaled up to meet the needs of all rearing units at the hatchery, as well as designing a solar power system for the pumps.