AZ Game & Fish – Voltage Monitoring Device


Project description

​Our community partners are Kyle Tulisiak and Trevor Nelson, who both work for the Arizona Game and Fish Department and operate the Canyon Creek Hatchery. Kyle is the Eastern Regional Hatchery Supervisor for AZGFD and Trevor is the manager of the Canyon Creek Hatchery. To avoid future damages to the facility, they need a device that will monitor the voltage and the frequency of the electricity throughout the facility. This device will alert Trevor whenever the frequency or voltage crosses a certain threshold that would cause harm to the electrical components of the hatchery. The alert will allow him to manually switch the power source to the propane generator until the hydroturbine is safe for use again. The thresholds for voltage and frequency should be adjustable and the device should pose no risk of electric shock to the hatchery technicians.       

The EPICS voltage monitoring team is developing a device that will solve the hatchery’s problem and help them prevent damages due to high voltage or low frequency. Since a single source powers the whole facility, the electrical current can be monitored from a power outlet anywhere in the facility. This adds convenience and flexibility for the hatchery manager, Trevor.