AZ Game & Fish – Voltage Monitoring Device


Project description

EPICS voltage monitoring team is developing a device that will solve the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s hatchery prevent damages due to high voltage or low frequency. Since a single source powers the entire facility, the electrical current can be monitored from a power outlet anywhere in the facility. This adds convenience and flexibility for Trevor, the Hatchery Manager. So far, this EPICS team has started working on a physical prototype that will be able to meet the requirements given by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Currently, this team is in the process of replacing their digital multimeter which is more capable of sending data that will be legible for a Raspberry Pi. Next steps include writing the Python code for the multimeter to be able to send its data over to the Raspberry Pi, and back that data up to the Cloud on a Google Sheet. After that, the device can be tested and implemented at the hatchery.