Devils Prosthetics

Meeting Time

Tuesday 6PM

Project description

Each year there are over 9000 children in the United States that endure a traumatic injury that results in an amputation. Many of these children already struggle with insecurities and an amputation cause cause them to endure more depression and shame following the many surgeries and hospital visits that come with amputations.

Our community partner is Noah Nemgar (Limb Lab). Our community partner works both with patients and designing prosthetics for them based on their needs and experiences. There isn’t a solution for children’s prosthetics that can be altered as they grow and mature. Our goal is not only to design an affordable myoelectric prosthetics but one that adapts to their body as they grow using 3-D scanning and 3-D printing to streamline the process. Our goal for this semester is to have a functional prosthetic that can be tested by a patient. We want to have the prosthetic completely assembled and ready for testing by December.