E2 Escape Room (Wire Circuitry)


Project description

An escape room is being created for the engineering camp E2, which is held up at Prescott Pines every summer for new incoming engineering students. This escape room is meant to challenge the freshman and get them started and excited with their future degree in the engineering field. They will be doing engineering related activities that fall into a range of categories. This specific project is focused on electrical and circuit work that can be seen in electrical engineering. It is designed to piece together letters, previously found, to a circuit board to open a cabinet for the students. This will unlock a riddle for them to continue forward with the room. E2 in person has been canceled due to covid the last 2 years. An arduino will be used as one possible solution for the main sought wire circuitry key maze. The approach is to research in areas where coding and software use will be necessary to then cooperate on putting things together. Then, the theme of the escape room (AI gone rouge) will be applied to make it look nice. A 3D printed housing will be made to cover the internals as well for any other proposed mazes to come from the community partner. The work will be broken down by week while being fairly split up to play to strengths of the team while also making sure everyone learns something on the project. The goal is a working prototype by the end of the semester and to create multiple by the end of next semester for those on the team in Spring 2022.