EWB International – Ethiopia


Meeting Time

Wednesday 7PM

Project description

Ethiopia is facing a plastics pollution crisis due to increased tourism and poor waste management infrastructure.  Plastic waste has been accumulating in the Ethiopian National Parks at an uncontrollable rate.  There are an estimated 120,000 plastic water bottles in the community that are affecting the environment, the wildlife, and the public’s health.

The proposed solution entails developing and creating both a plastic shredder and another plastic processing machine of choice (extruder, injection mold, sheet press). The shredder will dispose of the plastic in the environment; the other machine will turn that shredder waste into functional products.  These products can either be used by the community, or be sold to stimulate the local economy.  The team will design and test the machines for effeciency and durability to the Ethiopian climate.

The goal for this semester is to finish ordering parts for the shredder, secure travel plans to Debark for Winter or Summer 2023, and finalize the second machine for the product output. We also plan to connect with Addis Ababa University to train students in use of our machines and collection systems.