Quincy is an 11-year-old boy with the desire and motivation to learn how to independently ride a bike. However, he suffers from seizures, low muscle tone, and requires leg braces to walk with limited stability. He currently rides with a parent on the back of their bike with an attached seat, and would like an adaptive bike to suit his needs to enable him to ride independently. The project challenge is to construct a bike for Quincy that prioritizes safety while also ensuring that he can operate the bike on his own with his individualized abilities.

Since this is a new project in EPICS, the team has only completed initial steps in the work process such as contacting the community partner and developing a plan for the semester. A more concrete solution will be proposed following the meeting with Quincy’s parent, as the team would like to ask questions to better understand the problem. The team does, however, have a broad idea for the solution based on a bike that Quincy recently borrowed, tested, and enjoyed. This bike was designed to promote learning and growth, as feet could be strapped in to the pedals, the handlebar was adjustable, and it had a fixed sprocket with single speed gearing. Most importantly, this bike included trunk support and a strap for the torso to ensure safety of the rider. Our solution will likely incorporate many of these elements that have proven to be successful for Quincy in the past.