Adaptive Snowboard

Time TBD

Project Description

This project is to design an adaptive snowboard for disabled individuals without use of their lower limbs. One primary challenge in this project is designing a snowboard that allows for shifting of weight to turn, slow down, and stop, without using poles for assistance. This is very challenging to do because parapelegic individualsĀ  do not have control of lower limbs, limiting their ability to control movements and apply force. The design must be light and small enough to fit on the ski lift as well as easy to flip over in case of a fall.

The proposed solution is a four panel/board design with a seat in the middle. The design will have a rod connecting to the panel horizontal to it. There will be two rods and four panels. There will be a rod perpendicular to each horizontal rod wich will act as a lever on each side of the seat. The user will use the levers on either side to simulate tilting and heel toe motion.