Meeting Time

Monday 6PM

Project Description

Residents at Phoenix Childern’s Hosptial have noticed there are inefficiencies with the current process for documenting information required to prove residents are capable of graduating. The EMR system and Medhub, a GME utility app, are not fully compatible. This leads to residents piling up patient information rather than documenting tasks as they complete them. A solution that is being considered is a software or mobile app that will better help residents organize and and mark off their tasks in an effecient and easy manner. The solution might, for example, be intregrated with QR codes so that a resident could quickly scan codes that will instantly mark off that a required task is completed.

Our goal this semester is to fully and completely identify and understand the problem which our customer/community partner is having, research and narrow down an optimal solution, and begin designing/prototyping initial concepts of our solution. This semester, we plan for our deliverable to be a conceptual prototype, or at least a report with visuals detailing our current plan for a solution. The deadline for this project is Winter 2023.